Good question! You should be proud you asked it! I know I am.

Hi. I'm Joe Dator. By day I'm a cartoonist whose work has appeared in The New Yorker, MAD, and countless others. By night I am New York City's only licensed ostrich farmer. But in all the other times - dawn, dusk, pre-dusk, post-dawn, what have you - I'm a radio listener. For most of my life I've listened to what's called "classic" rock on the radio and I've heard the same songs over and over and over. You all know the ones I mean. "Stairway To Heaven," "Hotel California," "Dream On," "Born To Run," "Tom Sawyer." I've heard them so many times in fact, that I really don't hear them at all. So, I decided it was time to take a close look at what I was listening to, in spite of that defying several laws of physics.

Now, I'm not a musician, or a musicologist, or a music critic, and I Am Definitely Not Music (I Don't Write The Songs). My concern is with lyrics. Nobody usually pays much attention to the lyrics in rock songs, including and sometimes especially their authors. My future guests and I will devote each episode to one song, going down the list of classics, and trying to answer the eternal question "What's going on in this song?"

And those future guests? Expect to hear the voices of a lot of cartoonists, because that's mostly who I know. Funny, charming folk, known for their good nature, small stature, and hairy feet. Other future guests may include all manner of comically inclined gents and ladies, guaranteed to bring forth laughter. Does anybody remember laughter?

Will we only cover songs from the classic rock playlist? At first, but there is room on this show for all genres and all decades. This show is about iconic songs. New wave, soul, hip-hop - if it's been played countless times on the radio, it's classic, and we'll do it.

And there you go! But I know I'm not who you all came here to see, so let's have a big hand for Foghat!