Ann & Nancy Wilson struggle with mental health issues while Joe Dator and returning guest Susan Kruglinski disagree on the definition of "On" and "You" and "Crazy".

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Canadian power trio Rush meets the cartoonist power trio of Joe Dator and his guests, Benjamin Schwartz and Liam Francis Walsh, and just like in the Great Compu-Brain Forest Warlock Battle of 2112, the Canadians win.

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The real meaning behind Paul McCartney & Wings' "Jet" flies way over the heads of Joe Dator and his guests, Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson.

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Bruce Springsteen's "Born To Run" is still running after 40 years, so Joe Dator and his guest Dan Yaccarino take a peek under the hood.

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I thought that they were Angels, but to my surprise, they were Joe Dator and his guest, writer Susan Kruglinski talking about Styx's 1977 smash hit "Come Sail Away". Oh, and maybe they were also aliens, too. It's not 100% clear.