Apparently, people said John Lennon was both crazy and lazy, but if he was how could he have written and recorded this song? Returning guests Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson shake their heads and look at Joe Dator as if he's lost his mind.

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His Royal Purpleness gets a few points on his license when Joe Dator and guest Amanda Duarte set a speed trap for Prince's 1983 smash hit "Little Red Corvette".

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Meat Loaf gets served, in every sense of the word (except the sense that would involve actually serving meatloaf) when Joe Dator and guest Bob Fingerman get hot and heavy in the front seat with "Paradise By The Dashboard Light".

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Pre-Sir Elton John sings his classic song about mohair suits, magazines and a fatted calf, while Joe Dator and guests Marc Philippe Eskenazi and Colin Stokes attempt to make head or tail of it (the song, not the calf).

piano man NL

Billy Joel's signature song shuffles in, and Joe Dator is talking with guest Andy Rash, who's not in the Navy, probably because his first name doesn't rhyme with "Navy". Stick around at the end for a SYSO exclusive!

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