Billy Joel gets sent back to Songs You're Sick Of, so head waiter Joe Dator and repeat customer Dan Yaccarino take him into the kitchen and nuke him.

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You wanted the best, you got the... "Beth". In 1976, those four lovable moptops in KISS gave us the first heavy metal power ballad. Now Joe Dator and guests Drew Dernavich and Corey Pandolph slather on the greasepaint and wag their impressive tongues at it.

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Peter Frampton wants you to show him the way, to Plattsburgh NY, where he may or may not have come alive and recorded this staple of classic rock radio. Hometown boy David Max Freedman and I strap on our wah-wah tubes and dive in.

Look for the latest Studio Ghibli feature film Marnie Was There, which my guest and dear friend David was instrumental in adapting into English, in theaters and on DVD/BluRay soon.

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One does not simply start talking about Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On". Joe Dator enlists returning guests Benjamin Schwartz and Liam Francis Walsh to join him on his epic quest to find its meaning. Keep listening to the end for a SYSO exclusive with a certain dead writer himself.