Just like the white-winged dove, Stevie Nicks sings a song that sounds like she's singing her 1981 classic "Edge Of Seventeen". Joe Dator and returning guest Susan Kruglinski hang out in the dunes with binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse of this rare species.

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The 80s as we know them wouldn't have been the 80s if they hadn't taken place in between the 70s and the 90s, and also if they hadn't included Duran Duran's lupine hit "Hungry Like The Wolf". Returning guests Drew Dernavich and Corey Pandolph help host Joe Dator stalk it, tag it and track it.

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SYSO goes on location among the diners and docks of New Jersey to work over Bon Jovi's number one hit. Guests Songe Riddle and Rachael Noel Fox are a couple holding on to what they've got and livin' on a Springsteen-adjacent prayer.

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Journey's 1980 hit will forever be associated with an obscure little art film called "Caddyshack". Joe Dator and guest Mark Simpson make absolutely no effort to change that when they try to figure out what's in its oversized electric golf bag.




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Bad Company is in good company when Joe Dator and returning guests Marc Philippe Eskenazi and Colin Stokes feel like talkin' about their 1975 classic "Feel Like Makin' Love".