What's the matter with Billy Joel's 1980 #1 hit, and how could whitewall tires possibly fix it? Writer/editor/raconteur Joe Garden joins host Joe Dator as they cruise the Miracle Mile in search of answers.

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Last summer on SYSO we had a great time talking about Prince's "Little Red Corvette" and celebrating His Royal Geniusness with guest Amanda Duarte. Here is that episode again. Great song, great artist, and there will never be another. Rest in peace, Purple One.


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Toto's 1982 ode to the origin of all life on Earth became a number one hit, despite having no lions or kings or Hakuna Matatas in it. SYSO goes exploring in search of the uncouth savages (1980s rock musicians) responsible. With guest, cartoonist Mitra Farmand, of mitrafarmand.com.


Classic rock doesn't get more iconic than Journey's "Don't Stop Believin", a tale of streetlights and people and trains that are none too specific about their intended destination. Joe Dator and Mark Simpson cut through the smell of smoke,  wine, and cheap perfume to try and make some sense out of it.


Van Halen!! hogs all the exclamation marks and boldly declares that Some is a thing that is Wanted by Everybody, and who was in any position to argue in 1980? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski put on the spandex, do the splits, and tape up their guitars (among other things).

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