The Who's ultimate classic song "Teenage Wasteland" is famous for not being called that. It's called "Baba O'Riley". Was the name "Songy McSongface" not available? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski fiddle with it in hopes of finding out.


Of all the songs Cat Stevens did, "Cat's In The Cradle" is the most not-by-Cat-Stevens of them all. In fact, it's by the late Harry Chapin, and it's less to do with cats in cradles and mostly to do with being a crummy father. Joe Dator and guest, cartoonist and non-crummy father Benjamin Schwartz, sit down to make some sense out of this soft rock classic, and you know they'll have a good time then.

Check out Benjamin Schwartz's great cartoons on Twitter at @BentSchwartz and in The New Yorker magazine.


Aerosmith noticed something about a particular Dude, and now they want everyone to know he (Looks Like A Lady). Or does he? Host Joe Dator and guest Mark Simpson put on too many scarves and try to avoid judging a book by its cover.

The AV Club's "Podmass" feature gave us a very nice shout-out this week! Thanks to writer Dennis DeClaudio and the rest of the AVC staff.

"There are a lot of songs that a lot of people have deep-down bone-marrow familiarity with despite having never once actively chosen to listen to them ... Songs You’re Sick Of is a podcast that makes its business of dragging such songs out into the light where they can be properly examined."

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Germany's favorite rock band The Scorpions are here, so they say, and they intend to rock you in the manner of a catastrophic wind storm. Why not rock you like the predatory venomous arachnid they are named after? Host Joe Dator and guest  Susan Kruglinski search the biergartens of Bavaria for answers.