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What do Bad Company and Emerson Lake & Palmer have in common, other than probably needing an Oxford comma when mentioned in the same sentence? They are also both discussed on this, the first inadvertently tandem episode of SYSO. Returning guest Benjamin Schwartz joins Joe Dator to make sense of two different rock fantasies, and determine which one of them includes more mules and virgins.(Highlight to reveal spoiler: It's the ELP one!)

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R-384766-1373044683-9647.jpegAlex Robinson and Pete The Retailer got The Knack of podcasting hosting the "Star Wars Minute", and now they're here to discuss another late 70s cultural touchstone - the almost too catchy "My Sharona". We find out all about the real Sharona, and wonder if this was the only time the "never gonna stop" approach to seduction worked.

Hear Pete and Alex (and sometimes your host Joe Dator) on the Star Wars Minute Podcast and also their Beatles podcast AlphaBeatical


Should the UK remain with Europe? If you're talking about the band that recorded "The Final Countdown", then our vote is a reverberating yes! SYSO makes its first Transatlantic connection with UK cartoonist The Surreal McCoy to dissect this 80s classic about big travel plans and even bigger hair.

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"The Swedish Countdown" on Youtube:


Comics legend Shannon Wheeler ("Too Much Coffee Man") goes behind the stadium with Joe Dator to examine Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl", and determine once and for all just how many brown eyes we're talking about here.

Look for Shannon Wheeler's online comics at and follow him on Twitter at @MuchCoffee



Melissa Manchester's opinion on Crying Out Loud is clear - you should Don't it. But what led her to this prohibition, and how many clowns were involved? The answers turn out to be "it's unclear" and "more than you might think". Host Joe Dator and guest Julia Wertz don't keep it inside, and learn how not to hide their feelings about this easy listening staple.

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