Norway has produced Henrik Ibsen, Edvards Grieg & Munch, and a whole lot of guys named Thor, but none of them has had more lasting impact than a-ha's "Take On Me". Who were a-ha? What the høëk was going on in that video? How did one Norwegian change your Japanese dining experience forever? Host Joe Dator and returning guest Paul Castiglia brave the fjords and possible moose bites to take on this 80s pop classic.

artworks-000071878065-lmtl13-t500x500In 1977 London, a perennial classic was created that endures to this day. I'm talking, of course, about the movie "Star Wars" which Alex Robinson & Pete The Retailer talk about every day on their podcast Star Wars Minute. Also, they're here today to help dissect Dire Straits' classic "Sultans Of Swing", which features fewer starships and laser swords, but just as many questionable bar bands. Did Guitar George really know all the chords? Did he know any? And was Harry truly doing alright? Step inside and find out. You wont see too many faces, but that's because it's a podcast and there aren't any pictures.

Alex and Pete can be found at starwarsminute.com for all your Star Wars needs, and alphabeatical.com for all your Beatles wants.


A very special SYSO welcoming Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber, host of the long-running radio show "Crap From The Past". Ron stops by to drop some real knowledge about Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight", and it's not all a pack of lies! There's talk of Genesis, drum sounds, urban myths and enough information to drown in, so don't expect anyone here to lend a hand.

To hear more from Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and listen to his "graduate level course in pop music" visit crapfromthepast.com!


dontstopmenowFreddy Mercury was gonna have himself a real good time that night, and thankfully he chronicled his feelings about it in Queen's classic "Don't Stop Me Now". How accurately remains undetermined, though, unless he knew something about rocketships and tigers' method of locomotion that modern science doesn't. Did someone actually tell him to stop? How much like a racing car was Lady Godiva? Did Freddy really end up having a ball? That last part seems like a given, but Joe Dator and returning guest Andy Rash are still trying to figure it out. Don't stop them!

Check out Andy Rash's terrific illustration work and his unique Iotacons at rashworks.com and iotacons.blogspot.com!


In the 80s, while Pac Men roamed the Earth and Valley Girls were busy gagging on spoons, the serendipitously named Billy Idol gave the decade one of its most iconic hits, "White Wedding". Ostensibly a song about Billy's sister's wedding, but definitely not about Billy's sister's wedding, the song has baffled archaeologists for three decades. Now, Joe Dator tries to decide if he should throw guest Paul Castiglia the Idol, or if it belongs in a museum.

young-americansAmerica was 199 years old in 1975 and while that's quite a tender age for a country, it's way too old to be considered a Young American. So what's David Bowie's soulful, almost-Bicentennial hit really about? President Nixon? Afro Sheen? How a genius can make the saxophone cool again? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski will light some fireworks and try not to lose any fingers figuring it out.

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What do Bad Company and Emerson Lake & Palmer have in common, other than probably needing an Oxford comma when mentioned in the same sentence? They are also both discussed on this, the first inadvertently tandem episode of SYSO. Returning guest Benjamin Schwartz joins Joe Dator to make sense of two different rock fantasies, and determine which one of them includes more mules and virgins.(Highlight to reveal spoiler: It's the ELP one!)

Look for Ben Schwartz's great cartoons in The New Yorker magazine and follow Ben on twitter at @BentSchwartz

R-384766-1373044683-9647.jpegAlex Robinson and Pete The Retailer got The Knack of podcasting hosting the "Star Wars Minute", and now they're here to discuss another late 70s cultural touchstone - the almost too catchy "My Sharona". We find out all about the real Sharona, and wonder if this was the only time the "never gonna stop" approach to seduction worked.

Hear Pete and Alex (and sometimes your host Joe Dator) on the Star Wars Minute Podcast and also their Beatles podcast AlphaBeatical


Should the UK remain with Europe? If you're talking about the band that recorded "The Final Countdown", then our vote is a reverberating yes! SYSO makes its first Transatlantic connection with UK cartoonist The Surreal McCoy to dissect this 80s classic about big travel plans and even bigger hair.

Check out The Surreal McCoy's cartoons and comics at thesurrealmccoycartoons.blogspot.co.uk and find her band Group Sex on facebook at facebook.com/GroupSextheBand

"The Swedish Countdown" on Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=QVNvYUZ5qI8