artworks-000071878065-lmtl13-t500x500In 1977 London, a perennial classic was created that endures to this day. I'm talking, of course, about the movie "Star Wars" which Alex Robinson & Pete The Retailer talk about every day on their podcast Star Wars Minute. Also, they're here today to help dissect Dire Straits' classic "Sultans Of Swing", which features fewer starships and laser swords, but just as many questionable bar bands. Did Guitar George really know all the chords? Did he know any? And was Harry truly doing alright? Step inside and find out. You wont see too many faces, but that's because it's a podcast and there aren't any pictures.

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R-384766-1373044683-9647.jpegAlex Robinson and Pete The Retailer got The Knack of podcasting hosting the "Star Wars Minute", and now they're here to discuss another late 70s cultural touchstone - the almost too catchy "My Sharona". We find out all about the real Sharona, and wonder if this was the only time the "never gonna stop" approach to seduction worked.

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Apparently, people said John Lennon was both crazy and lazy, but if he was how could he have written and recorded this song? Returning guests Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson shake their heads and look at Joe Dator as if he's lost his mind.

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The real meaning behind Paul McCartney & Wings' "Jet" flies way over the heads of Joe Dator and his guests, Pete The Retailer and Alex Robinson.

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