What do Bad Company and Emerson Lake & Palmer have in common, other than probably needing an Oxford comma when mentioned in the same sentence? They are also both discussed on this, the first inadvertently tandem episode of SYSO. Returning guest Benjamin Schwartz joins Joe Dator to make sense of two different rock fantasies, and determine which one of them includes more mules and virgins.(Highlight to reveal spoiler: It's the ELP one!)

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Of all the songs Cat Stevens did, "Cat's In The Cradle" is the most not-by-Cat-Stevens of them all. In fact, it's by the late Harry Chapin, and it's less to do with cats in cradles and mostly to do with being a crummy father. Joe Dator and guest, cartoonist and non-crummy father Benjamin Schwartz, sit down to make some sense out of this soft rock classic, and you know they'll have a good time then.

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One does not simply start talking about Led Zeppelin's "Ramble On". Joe Dator enlists returning guests Benjamin Schwartz and Liam Francis Walsh to join him on his epic quest to find its meaning. Keep listening to the end for a SYSO exclusive with a certain dead writer himself.



Canadian power trio Rush meets the cartoonist power trio of Joe Dator and his guests, Benjamin Schwartz and Liam Francis Walsh, and just like in the Great Compu-Brain Forest Warlock Battle of 2112, the Canadians win.

Be sure and stick around at the end of the episode for a historic SYSO exclusive!

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