660272 In 1978 the members of Foreigner wanted the world to know that they were passionate and excitable, and they thought the best way to do so would be to record the unusually high temperature of their blood. Was this the most effective way to secure a secret rendezvous? It's unclear, just as no one to this day knows what country they were Foreigners from, or which one they were visiting when they got that name. Joe Dator and guest Mark Simpson check it and see.


Aerosmith noticed something about a particular Dude, and now they want everyone to know he (Looks Like A Lady). Or does he? Host Joe Dator and guest Mark Simpson put on too many scarves and try to avoid judging a book by its cover.


Classic rock doesn't get more iconic than Journey's "Don't Stop Believin", a tale of streetlights and people and trains that are none too specific about their intended destination. Joe Dator and Mark Simpson cut through the smell of smoke,  wine, and cheap perfume to try and make some sense out of it.


Journey's 1980 hit will forever be associated with an obscure little art film called "Caddyshack". Joe Dator and guest Mark Simpson make absolutely no effort to change that when they try to figure out what's in its oversized electric golf bag.




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