This week is a special mid-hiatus episode featuring guest-host Susan Kruglinski and host-guest Joe Dator ("Songs You're Sick Of"). What song are they talking about? You'll have to listen to the show to find out, and you'll also learn how such a tawdry ruse could be pulled on a host, and why he would give in to it, anyway.

running time: 46 mins


photoIt's a Songs You're Sick Of Halloween spooktacular when we sink our fangs into "Thriller"! Every year Michael Jackson's 1983 hit crawls out of its crypt to play. And play and play and play. How did it become such a perennial holiday classic? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski dig up the answers, exhume some of Vincent Price's many , many commercials, and cut into the connective tissue between "Thriller" and "Stranger Things". Along the way they howl about other Halloween songs, wine coolers, Count Floyd, and ask if the thing with forty eyes had too many or too few. It's a creepy SYSO that goes bump in the night (if you play it at night, and bump into something).


runtime: 50 mins

interesting-facts-about-we-are-the-world1985 was a big year for all-star charity singles and "We Are The World" was the first. Actually, no it was the second, but compared to "Do They Know It's Christmas" it had the most Huey Lewis in it, and the least Duran Duran. It also had Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles and about 3,000 other stars all singing their hearts out. How did this happen? Was that really Dan Aykroyd in the back? And would they have raised more money if Bob Dylan had stayed home? Returning guests Frank Santopadre and Susan Kruglinski came to the studio in separate limos to heed a certain call.

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Stevie Wonder's #1 hit from 1972 gets the SYSO treatment, so get ready for black cats, rabbits feet and throwing salt over your shoulder. Or don't, since the song doesn't mention any of those things. Why not? Was this Motown's answer to Heavy Metal? And is a baby still any good after it's been sitting around for 13 months? Host Joe Dator and guest Susan Kruglinski are left Wondering.

young-americansAmerica was 199 years old in 1975 and while that's quite a tender age for a country, it's way too old to be considered a Young American. So what's David Bowie's soulful, almost-Bicentennial hit really about? President Nixon? Afro Sheen? How a genius can make the saxophone cool again? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski will light some fireworks and try not to lose any fingers figuring it out.


The Who's ultimate classic song "Teenage Wasteland" is famous for not being called that. It's called "Baba O'Riley". Was the name "Songy McSongface" not available? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski fiddle with it in hopes of finding out.


Germany's favorite rock band The Scorpions are here, so they say, and they intend to rock you in the manner of a catastrophic wind storm. Why not rock you like the predatory venomous arachnid they are named after? Host Joe Dator and guest  Susan Kruglinski search the biergartens of Bavaria for answers.


Van Halen!! hogs all the exclamation marks and boldly declares that Some is a thing that is Wanted by Everybody, and who was in any position to argue in 1980? Joe Dator and Susan Kruglinski put on the spandex, do the splits, and tape up their guitars (among other things).

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SYSO returns after a long hiatus spent walking Central Park and singing after dark. People thought we were craaaazy, and 9 out of 10 Puerto Rican girls agreed. Joe Dator and returning guest Susan Kruglinski look at The Rolling Stones' 1978 disco classic and ask it "What's the matter witchoo, boy?"



Just like the white-winged dove, Stevie Nicks sings a song that sounds like she's singing her 1981 classic "Edge Of Seventeen". Joe Dator and returning guest Susan Kruglinski hang out in the dunes with binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse of this rare species.

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